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###+What is in the sunless tanning solution and how does it work?

The sunless solution contains a cosmetic bronzer, DHA, and aloe vera. The cosmetic bronzer is water-soluable "make-up" designed to show an instant tan.

In remains on the skin until it is washed off in the bath or shower. The bronzer will not stain clothing.

DHA is the component that creates the longer-term tan. DHA has been used in food and cosmetics for decades. When applied to the skin, DHA reacts with the proteins and amino acids in the skin to form a golden brown color. The aloe vera liquid is a natural moisturizer.

###+What should I do to prepare for sunless tanning?

Before coming in, you should shower and lightly exfoliate.

Skin should be clean and not use lotions, oils, or antiperspirants and minimize the use of deodorants, make-up, and perfumes. Shave and/or wax beforehand, as doing it afterwards will cause you to lose your tan faster.

Wear loose dark clothing when coming in for a sunless tan...the looser the clothing, the less that will rub off on your clothes. However, don't worry as it will wash out.

###+How long does it take for the DHA to darken into a tan?

After your sunless tanning session you will appear tan; however, this is merely cosmetic bronzer that will wash off when you shower. The DHA that gives your skin a real tan goes on clear and will develop your tan over the next few hours, similar to a polaroid. Showering will stop the DHA from making your skin any darker, and waiting longer to shower will result in a darker tan.

For airbrush tanning, we recommend showering between 3 and 4 hours after tanning. Up to 6 hours is fine, but don't go longer than that. Mystic tanning takes slightly longer, with showering recommended between 6-7 hours, with a 12 hour maximum. Don't be alarmed if you feel you are too dark before showering, because the cosmetic bronzer will wash off leaving only your actual tan.

###+Will the tan come off on my clothes or my sheets?

The cosmetic bronzer can rub off onto clothing and sheets. However, it is water soluble and will wash out easily.

###+How long will my sunless tan last?

In sunless tanning only the outer layer of skin is tanned; therefore it is highly dependent on exfoliation. It typically lasts from 7 to 10 days. Exfoliating beforehand extends the life of the tan while exfoliating afterwards reduces it.

It is also very important to moisturize after every shower...this will increase the life of your tan as well as ensure that it fades evenly. Do not use lotions that contain Alpha Hydroxy or Sodium Lureth Sulphate as these are exfoliants that will reduce the life of your tan. These exfoliating lotions are usually marketed as "for younger looking skin."

We carry a line of moisturizers with a bit of DHA to help your tan last even longer.

###+Can I use sunless tanning in conjunction with UV tanning?

Yes, you can. Many people find that UV tanning before sunless tanning allows them to achieve a darker overall tan. If you do both during the same visit, we recommend that you use the UV bed first without any lotions, then sunless.

###+How does Mystic differ from airbrush tanning?

The Mystic Tan booth is automatic. You step in the booth, press a button and it sprays you. It's an all-over tan with 3 levels of tanning. It's a very fast session, taking usually 5-10 minutes. Afterwards you'll need to refrain from showering for 6-7 hours.

Airbrush tanning is custom applied by a tanning associate with an airbrush. It can be completely customized, from the darkness of the solution to the exact location it is applied. The airbrush allows custom shading which can reduce or remove tan lines, make cleavage or abs more noticeable and even de-emphasize hips or love handles. It's quite amazing really. It also develops faster, allowing you to shower 3-4 hours after your session.

###+What if I want to correct an unfortunate tan line or just have my legs airbrushed?

No problem. Airbrush tanning can be completely customized for your needs. Wear a tank-top on a sunny day? We can definitely help alleviate that not-so-flattering tan line.

###+Do I need an appointment for sunless tanning?

You don't need an appointment for UV tanning or the Mystic Tan booth. However, you do need an appointment for custom airbrush tanning.

###+Does the tanning tax apply to sunless tanning?

No. The tanning tax does not apply to Mystic or customized airbrush tanning. It only applies to tanning that involves UV light, and therefore excludes all types of sunless tanning.

###+Do I need an appointment to tan?

There is no appointment necessary for UV tanning or the Mystic Tan booth. However, you do need to make an appointment for custom airbrush tanning.

###+How many visits will I need to get a base tan?

To achieve a base tan quickly, we recommend three UV tanning visits in the first week. If you need an immediate dark tan for a special event, a combination of UV tanning and a Mystic Tan or airbrush session will give you good color in one visit.

###+How often will I need to tan for maintenance?

Once a week is usually enough to maintain your tan.

###+How often can I tan?

Your skin needs at least a day to recover after each UV tanning session, and you will actually get darker if you tan every two days. Sorry, but we cannot allow clients more than one UV tanning session within a 24 hour period.

###+What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays?

UVA rays mimic afternoon sun, near 3 to 4 pm, and are kinder to your skin and allow you to achieve a darker tan. UVB rays mimic noon time sun rays. However, your skin needs some UVB rays in order to tan at all. Our beds are rated from 97% UVA to 99% UVA, with the remainder being UVB.

###+What is the tan tax and how does it work?

As part of the healthcare bill passed by Congress, all tanning salons must now charge a 10% tax on all UV-related services. All tanning except for Mystic and airbrush will have 10% added at the register, similar to a sales tax. This will apply to UV-related ongoing memberships, 30-day unlimited, sessions, and session upgrades.